H&K 730903S-A5 P30S 10+1 9mm 3.86″ V3


H&K 730903S-A5 P30S 10+1 9mm 3.86″ V3

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A recent HK pistol design, the P30 is a modern police and security pistol
that combines function and safety. Ergonomic features include a special
grip frame with interchangeable backstrap inserts and lateral plates,
allowing the pistol to be individually adapted to any user. Ambidextrous
controls include dual slide releases and magazine release levers.
Variants with a conventional double-action/single action trigger have a
serrated decocking button located on the rear of the frame. Variants with
HK’s enhanced double action only Law Enforcement Modification* (LEM)
trigger have no external decocking controls.
The HK Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) trigger system combines the
advantages of a cocked striker component (constant level of trigger pull
from first to last round fired) with a double-action hammer system. Using
such an enhanced trigger system consolidates ease of use and safety into a
convenient, innovative trigger operation—one that reduces the chance of
unintended firing. And in case of an ammunition-related failure to fire,
all that is needed is an additional second or third squeeze of the trigger
without the need of first pulling the slide back to re-cock the pistol. The
enhanced LEM trigger system combines the reliability of a double action
revolver trigger with the crisp trigger of a single action pistol.
P30S models have an ambidextrous safety lever mounted on both sides of the
frame. S models are available in conventional double-action/single action
trigger mode and with HK’s enhanced double action only Law Enforcement
Modification trigger
A Picatinny rail molded into the front of the frame makes mounting lights,
laser aimers, or other accessories easy and convenient. The extractor
doubles as a loaded chamber indicator providing a subtle tactile and visual
reminder of a loaded chamber.
Extensively tested, the P30 has already been adopted by several European
police agencies. Excellent weight and balance make the P30 naturally
pointable, easy to control, and accurate to shoot. An open notch rear sight
with luminous (non-radioactive) contrast points allows for fast and
accurate target acquisition, even under poor lighting conditions.
During a recent (2009-2010) endurance test, a P30 test pistol fired more
than 91,000 rounds without any major component failures.

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Finish Military
Action Not Listed
Caliber .40-60 Winchester
Barrel Length 2.13″
Capacity 3 1
Grips Cerakote® Coating H152 Stainless
Sights Fiber Optic Front

Finish Black Anodized
Type Rifle
Action Double Action Only
Caliber .45 Colt
Barrel Length 2.68″
Capacity 24
Grips Double Diamond
Sights 3-Dot Tritium

Finish Smoke Grey Frame with Black Slide
Type Training Pistol
Action Double Action Only
Caliber .410 / .45 ACP / .45 Colt
Barrel Length 12.9″
Capacity 6/7/8
Grips Shark Skin Grips
Sights SIG X-Ray3 Day/Night Sights

Finish Black
Type Semi-Automatic
Action Single/Double
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 3.86″
Capacity 10 1
Grips Black
Sights Fixed

12 reviews for H&K 730903S-A5 P30S 10+1 9mm 3.86″ V3

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    It’s getting very difficult to find gun related items with our country in turmoil. I am always looking for Firearmss to help me find what I need.

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    easy, simple and decent pricing

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    Couldn’t find buckshot anywhere! Thank you so much!

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    The gun i wanted with different sights was not available to me because I’m not a Team Firearms member. That’s very poor business ! Said it was reserved for T.B. Members only. So it would have cost me $30.00 more above the price of the gun to purchase it. I guess you have to pay to be in the click !! No thanks Always find what I need. Even in the midst of COVID.

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    The online purchase was easy.

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    I like Firearms’s gun shop a lot. I was looking everywhere for a certain model and Firearms’s was the only one who had it. I wish I didn’t have to pay the yearly subscription though. I’d rather they just advertised a higher price rather than the old bait and switch.

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    No BS competitive pricing definitely sportsman for sportsman. Not a big fan of huge conglomerates but these people seem to have kept the spirit of a small town shop and concern for fellow sportsman.

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    Nice to be able to find items IN STOCK! Thanks Firearmss!

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    Always have had a positive experience with Firearmss. Easy to find and shop for items I need. Friendly customer service reps and quick shipping. Appreciate the QPD program!

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