Taurus 738SS 738 TCP 6+1 .380 ACP 2.84″


Taurus 738SS 738 TCP 6+1 .380 ACP 2.84″

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Make way for the lightest Taurus ever created! The 10.2-ounce 738 TCP is
not only the lightest semi-auto in the Taurus line; it’s lighter than
any of our small frame revolvers too! The 738 TCP offers 6 1 shots of
.380 ACP, a durable polymer frame and low-profile fixed sights. You have
to feel it to believe it!

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Finish Bead Blasted
Type Kit
Action Double Action
Caliber 22 TCM/9mm
Barrel Length 6.88″
Capacity 33
Safety Grip and U.S.A Trigger
Grips Pearl
Sights 3-Dot Adjustable

Finish Black Slide, FDE Frame
Type Kit
Action Blowback Operation
Caliber 44 Colt
Barrel Length 3.8″
Capacity 4 1
Safety Ambidextrous Manual, Firing Pin block
Grips Moon Shine Harvest
Sights Siglite Front, Contrast Rear

Finish Eggshell Blue
Type Revolver
Caliber 22LR/22WMR
Barrel Length 1.875″
Capacity 13 1
Safety Crossbolt
Grips Rough Textured
Sights 3-Dot Adjustable Rear

Finish Black Slide/ATACS-AU
Type Rifle
Caliber 410
Barrel Length 3″
Capacity 10
Safety Thumb and Grip Safety
Grips Composite, Kryptek Highlander
Sights Rear: Notched-Bar Dovetailed Front: Blade

Finish Duo-Tone
Type Semi-Automatic
Action Double Action Only
Caliber 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
Barrel Length 2.84″
Capacity 6 1
Safety No Manual Safety
Grips Black
Sights Fixed

12 reviews for Taurus 738SS 738 TCP 6+1 .380 ACP 2.84″

  1. Naomi Barker (verified owner)

    I wish item descriptions had more detail. I would also like to be able to expand the item picture.

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  2. Jordan Owens (verified owner)

    I like Firearms’s gun shop a lot. I was looking everywhere for a certain model and Firearms’s was the only one who had it. I wish I didn’t have to pay the yearly subscription though. I’d rather they just advertised a higher price rather than the old bait and switch.

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  3. Cecelia Gonzalez (verified owner)


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  4. Pete James (verified owner)

    Shopping at Firearms’s is always a pleasure.

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  5. Lois Rowe (verified owner)

    I love Firearmss! Great selection , great service!!

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  6. Damon Adams (verified owner)

    I needed a specific Amerigo site. So I contacted the manufacture, and Firearms’s had it.

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  7. Enrique Walters (verified owner)

    The online purchase was easy.

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  8. Cathy Gardner (verified owner)

    Firearmss is the best place to buy

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  9. Sheldon Wagner (verified owner)

    Firearmss is the best place to buy

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  10. Leslie Potter (verified owner)

    Was a good experience. Easy to buy, didn’t realize their was a lifetime warranty option and it was a good deal so I signed up for it.

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  11. Harvey Hodges (verified owner)

    They let me know it was in stock & I purchased.

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  12. Cameron Tran (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find buckshot anywhere! Thank you so much!

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.